Runaway Dreamhouse

cordially invites you to the product launch party of their most recent product, the Runaway Dreamhouse!  You'll want to buy it for all the little kiddos in your life, just ask our spokesperson yourself! Kitty, an awkward pre-teen, is having a tough time at home with her family. No one understands her, so she writes in her  diary and wishes to run away forever! Where would she go, you ask? The mall, of course! After a strange nightmare, Kitty wakes up to find her wish came true. A Runaway Dreamhouse magically appears in her bedroom. She packs up her things and runs away to the mall. Life now is perfect, everyone she meets greets her with a smile, and everything is going her way. The Runaway Dreamhouse allows kids everywhere to runaway without ever leaving home!  

Runaway Dreamhouse is a site-specific immersive performance that took place from 6-9pm April 6th, 2018 at Knoxville Center Mall, in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is collaborative project by Katie Gentner, Reid Arowood, Taylor Bogle, Nikki Coning, Eric Hines, Parker Jenkins, Michaela Leib, April Marten, Cara McKinley, Katie Miller, Jill Roland, Sonya Rottero, Mengmeng Shang, and  Elise Stephens

Funded in part by the Dorthy Dille Materials Grant. Special Thanks  to the Knoxville Center Mall, and the School of Art at the University of Tennessee.

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